Easel-ly Successful Business & Marketing Guide

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This 30 page guide includes:

  • 12 individual monthly checklists (downloadable). Each planner lists actionable items that are must do's. No more trying to remember all the things that you need to accomplish. Also included is a specific marketing idea or tip for each month that will help prompt you to think ahead
  • Quarterly Checklist. This planner outlines specific items that come up on an occasional basis but tend to be put off until it's overwhelming to think about tackling them
  • Annual Checklist. This planner is a small but important list. Small list, big impact if used.
  • A planning guide. It covers all the monthly tasks with general notes, advice, resources and approximate times to complete your tasks
  • Sample templates with pointers for newsletter, email marketing, thank you/follow up notes. We spend half our time trying figure this out instead of working on the content. I'm providing a head start
  • Website Essentials. A quick view of what art websites should include
  • Do's and Don'ts for Social Media
  • The Art of Pricing with suggestions on how determine what works best for you
  • Resource page