Do you know the essentials for creating

a successful art career? 



I have developed an affordable 4 week course that will lead you through the essentials for presenting yourself as a professional artist while getting your work in front of the right audience. Keeping it simple and focusing on the most important elements while maximizing your time creating. 

How the Course works.

You will receive a one hour video each week for four weeks starting Saturday, May 27th. You will have lifetime access to this course along with bonus content for each week's class. This course is designed to provide simple, straight forward ideas and solutions to jump start your art career. No gimmicks, no fuss, no waste of time and money. Start building the foundation to a successful art career today! 

 Enrollment currently closed.


What's in the Course?


Week One - Quick but Essential Ingredients to Getting It Right from the Start. Overall view of the must do's for any artist.


  • Website/Bio/Resume/Artist Statement - What is essential

  • Email Marketing Services. Essentials of building a manageable system to effectively communicate with your audience. Learn to simplify this process.

  • Key essentials to making your life easier. I will help you create a plan.

  • Keeping Track of your Art while looking professional and creating a simplified system.

Bonus content: Monthly Task Checklist  (a breakdown of what is essential to manage and make your life easier) 


Week Two - How get your work in front of the right audience.



  • Build an audience that is all your own

  • Learn how to connect with that audience

  • Where to go to find that audience

  • Approaching an audience

Bonus Content: Questionnaire to help assist you in targeting the right audience

Week Three - Your Audience. How to connect in meaningful ways.



  • Email Marketing Strategies

  • How and when to reach out to your audience

  • Creating interesting content

  • Social Media/Promotion Strategy. Is social media right for you? 

  • Alternatives to Promotion through Social Media

Bonus Content:  Guide to creating your 12 Month Planning/Marketing Calendar


Week Four - Whether you are in a gallery or deciding if you are ready for one, this week's course will provide helpful insights and strategies to get what you want.



  • Am I gallery ready

  • How to approach a gallery in a professional manner

  • How to negotiate your needs and not just accept what is offered

  • How to build a strong relationship with your galleries

Bonus Content: Guide to Gallery Representation