Easel-ly Successful 15 Minute Challenge...Tools

If you saw my To Do List, you would just laugh. I currently have 114 items on 3 To Do Lists with a few being daily, weekly or monthly repeat tasks. How do I stay on top of it all? My tools! I thought I would share my three favorite tools that help keep me sane. 

1. Evernote - This is a note taking, organizing app that keeps me on top of things. It's on my laptop, my iPad and my phone. So it's always with me. I have notebooks for projects, for my Artist BFF clients, for Art Muse Contest, In the Artist Studio and potential marketing ideas, just to mention a few. Each notebook contains numerous notes including To Do Lists that I check and update many times a day. It's the first thing I check in the morning and where I see what lies in the day ahead along with the status of projects/clients. I also use it for making notes for future blog posts, newsletter or marketing ideas. It's the one place where everything in my professional life is listed. It took me a little while to find my groove but I now can't live without it. There are lots options to choose from and I tried many. The key is find one and make it work. Evernote has a free version that will work for most artists. If you don't like Evernote, there are plenty of other apps that can help you stay on task. Trello (a more visual app with boards), Nozbe (for to-do, tasking, projects, goals). These are just 2 options. Is there a perfect app? Nope. You just have to try a few out and then actually use it. Most any app will get you results if you use it consistently. 

2. Dropbox - Another great app to store and share photos, documents, etc. I use it to keep all my painting images, photo painting references, important documents. You can share links to your photos with anyone. A great way to send images to galleries and not have to email large resolution images which can be a pain. You can also use it as an inventory system for your artwork (read more about this here). As with Evernote, it's on my laptop, iPad and phone, so my images are always with me. 

3. Meet Edgar - This wonderful (but not free) app is my lifesaver. Edgar handles all my social media scheduling and frees me up to work on the other 114 tasks on my To Do List. Edgar allows me to build a library of content that can be pulled from and posted without me thinking about it. It will recycle and publish older posts that I choose and ensures that I consistently have content being published daily without worry. While this might not be the solution for you (it costs $49/mo.), it's worth the cost because I juggle 3 businesses. However, there are free apps that can help you with your social media scheduling. Here's a list of 10 of the Best Social Media Apps. There should be one that will fit your needs.

15 Minute Challenge

Take time today to think about the things that you aren't accomplishing that are necessary to your success. What do you need to keep you on track and moving forward with your art career? There are so many tools available today that even just choosing one can make a huge difference in meeting those goals versus just having a running list of incomplete tasks that prevent you from succeeding. 


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