15 Minute Challenge...Holiday Sales

While it's hard to even think about the holidays while the temperatures are still soaring, in reality, now is the time. There are many things that you can to do to get ready. Do you offer calendars, notecards, small works or commissions? Taking the time now to plan, can ensure a successful holiday season of sales. In particular, commissions as holiday gifts. They take time to produce and clients usually need extra time to make decisions on what they would like. Right now is ideal to market to your audience, not in November. Create an eblast to send out in September announcing that you are now accepting commissions for the holidays. Offer a few different sizes and prices while sharing ideas of some fun paintings to ensure that personalized gift. You also need to do a little bit of housekeeping on your website to help promote the holiday season. Today's Challenge will help set up you for a successful and profitable season. 

15 Minute Challenge 

1. Decide what you are selling for the holiday season. It could be anything from special sale prices on existing work to commissions, small paintings just for the holidays as well as calendars, notecards, etc. 

2. Decide how you are going to sell your art. Does your website have the ability to accept purchases such as a store or Buy Now buttons. If not, take the time to set that up. You want to offer a way for someone to purchase immediately. 

3. Create a special page on your website where you can place holiday pieces in one place. Make it easy for your audience to find and purchase. Remember, consumers don't have a lot of patience anymore and if you don't make it easy, you might lose sales.

4. Create an email marketing piece to send out announcing your Holiday specials with links to where they make a purchase. If you are promoting commissions, then send it out in September and again October. Also continue to promote on social media throughout the holiday season. 

Planning is the key to success, so grab your calendar and get busy. 


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