15 Minute Challenge and More Email Marketing

Create your own Art Tribe

Building your own personal art tribe is work but in the end it's your tribe and yours exclusively. This is an ongoing process that can and will need to be repeated in various ways. This week I want to challenge you to think of ways to get in front of an audience that is suited for you. Building a mailing list is about having the right audience., it's not about having a list of 1000 but rather having a list that it targeted. Yes, you can grab some people from social media but are they really the ones who will buy your work? Possibly but it shouldn't be your main or only way to build your list. It's probably the easiest way but in the end, will they be the right ones? A list of more than 1000 would be great but if they are only slightly engaged, they really aren't worth their emails. You need to do more than just put your subscribe button on a website or Facebook. Think about actually getting in front of an audience and engaging with them. They will be ones who will most likely support you over the years. Sitting on the couch and waiting for the subscribe button to be pushed won't get you very far.

So where to begin? Do you have an idea of who should be in your audience? Let's say, for example, that you paint florals, who do you think might be interested in your work? How about a garden club? There are certainly lots of those around looking for a guest speaker and I bet you offered to do a demo that you would be welcomed. Think of all those garden lovers watching you paint flowers! Wouldn't want them on your mailing list, would you? Plus the added bonus of them being engaged in the process and meeting you in person. I'd say that is a win/win situation. Just remember to gather the emails. 

15 Minute Challenge

1. Start a list of who you think should be in your art tribe (this will be an ongoing and evolving list as you grow and change as an artist). 

2. Once you have you potential audience, list as many avenues that you can think of to engage those groups. Don't rush through this...it's where you build YOUR ART TRIBE

I see too many artists who think that their tribe will just show up. It won't. The time you put into this will be worth it. No one else can do it. Remember it's your career and no one cares that you succeed as much as you do. 



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