15 Minute Challenge...Social Media

Do you have a strategy for your Social Media? Is it just posting to Facebook and Instagram, because everyone else is doing it? If that's your strategy, that isn't probably the best use of your time. Each of us have different priorities. So today's challenge is for you to look at where at your social media presence and determine if it is working for you or just a drain on your time.

15 Minute Challenge

  1. List your social media sites
  2. What your goal for posting on each of these sites, i.e. build my brand, market my work, fill workshops/classes or just share your work.
  3. Look at your audience. Do you have the right audience that will matches your goals? 

I would like to thank everyone who is following my 15 Challenges and telling me how much you like the information being shared. These 15 Minute Challenges are going to be for a limited time. For more information about these topics, watch for my Easel-ly Successful Guide that will be coming out this fall. These challenges are just the tip of the iceberg of information. 

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