Less is More and 15 Minute Challenge, Part 2


Happy 4th of July. With the upcoming weekend, I'm going to keep this post short. Last week I asked you a series of questions about your website. I'm going to choose 5 questions from the challenge and let's make your website shine.



Here's the 15 Minute Challenge:

  1. Home Page - Place a new image on your home page. If you have nothing new, then just switch out a painting currently on your site. A large percentage of returning visitors won't remember that it's not new and if they're a new visitor then it's all new to them. However, if they visit your site often enough, they will get tired to seeing the same old thing on the landing page and might assume that you have no new works and quickly leave. So change it up at least every month or more. Also rearrange the order of paintings from time to time. Let some from the bottom move to the top. 
  2. Navigation Bar - if you navigation bar is more than one line, time to consolidate or eliminate some categories. Consider using drop down tabs instead of every category being it's own tab. Example: a main tab like Paintings or Art Work with individual drop down categories like Landscape, Still, and Available. Even more than 4 or 5 drop down categories seems cluttered. Keep it simple and not cluttered. 
  3. Email - if you do not have your email listed on your website and include a contact page. Place your email on your home page at the bottom as well as the contact page. Click to see the example on my home page and contact page. Don't make your visitors search for a way to contact you. 
  4. Subscribe - does your website include a way for you to capture visitor emails? If you use FASO (Fineartstudioonline) they have a built in system, not my favorite but something is better than nothing. If you are using a different platform, do you use an email marketing service such as MailChimp? If not, sign up today. MailChimp is free up to 2000 emails and has excellent directions for adding this to your site. I will be doing a 15 Minute Challenge in July about email marketing services.
  5. Calendar - add a reminder to your calendar for at least once a month to go to your website and make sure it's refreshed with at least a new image on the home page and that you delete any outdated information (i.e.past event). If you haven't touched your website in 9 months or more, consider changing to a more updated template. Like a fresh coat of paint for a room. Who doesn't love that?  No one wants to come back to a website that looks neglected. 


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Next week, I will share my favorite website platforms and some pros and cons. Enjoy the fireworks. 

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